License plate frames

We produce license plate frames, using different technologies. Below is a description of the technology, so can choose the most appropriate solution. If you want to make the price calculation, please, contact us or write

UV printing

UV technology printed frames provide high quality and long service life. Paints an area of ​​homogeneous, a cover, without color transitions.

UV digital printing

This printing technology provides whatever color printing, and gradation. It is possible to print photos.

Spatial varnish coating

This technology combines digital printing with lacquer coating. Sustainable label is affixed to the license plate frame pads. Label is characterized by a very strong resistance, elasticity, reflective surface and spatial (about 2 mm thick). Frames with the coating looks elegant and is an alternative to 3D frames.

3D frames

3D frames are covered with high-quality foil. Foil is available in different colors. 3D / three-dimensional logo is molded cover plate license plate frame. First of all, it is made dies, which constitute the essential material logo. Dies a lump sum, which is to re-order the same design, not be ordered again.


Printing is placed on the entire surface of the license plate frames. It is possible to select printing of the finished design assortment.

Metallic frames

Metallic frame is chrome coating, reached by using vacuum technology metalizācijass. You can select a color from the metallic Directory.

HP frames

Chrome on plastic frames is imposed through the foil termouznešanu. The foil is applied to both the license plate frame pads, and the outer edge frame.